This shop currently consists of digital files that you can download, keep, copy, and print-off however many times you may like on whatever surfaces you may choose and in whatever size/dimensions that you might desire.
You may use them as your screensavers, lock-screens, wallpapers, desktop and cellphone backgrounds, etc.
Unlike the original hardcopies, these are not susceptible to the elements: there is no risk of water damage, rips and tears, or being burnt; and if you lose them, you can always re-
access the original in your Email inbox or have it stored on "The Cloud" or Dropbox, etc. if you so choose. 
All images here are high definition (HD) and high-resolution JPEG scans done in 600dpi.
In the
description of each image, I have listed the pixels and file size (if known). 
If you want an image that you do not see available in this shop, please message me (

Many original artworks have already been acquired; however, some are still available.
Please contact me, if you are interested in investing in a Troutman original.   

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